Let’s Explain the Collision Repair Process

“What happens to my car after an accident?” — That’s the most common question we hear from our customers and for good reason! Hopefully you do not have your friendly, neighborhood bodyshop or collision repair center on speed dial!

Having your car repaired is inconvenient at best. That’s why we pride ourselves on customer service with a well-defined process for getting you back on the road with your car or truck.

So What Happens Next?

When you visit us with your vehicle, we will walk you through the three big things that happen in order to get you back on the road.

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Once you contact Sports & Imports we will offer to create a repair estimate for you. You can stop by any of our locations during business hours for a repair estimate. No appointment necessary (if you prefer an appointment just let us know).


The repair estimate is done either in person or via our photo estimating process. It doesn’t take long at all. If visiting us in person, you are greeted and offered something to drink and then a personable service writer will walk through everything. After 10-20 minutes, we have what we need to create an estimate!


During the repair process, we can work with your insurance company (if you are using one) and thoroughly explain the claim and repair process. You will receive regular updates from your service writer about the work and when it will be completed.

**Can we talk about the collision repair process for a moment?

It’s not always as clear cut as the three steps above and that’s why you can depend on us. The team at Sports & Imports will help you through the minutia of all that is involved with the insurance company.

  • We will be your advocate in explaining to the insurance carrier how important the use of original factory (OE) parts and procedures can be, not only for a quality repair but for the safety of your passengers. This is the only way your car should be repaired. It ensures a complete, safe, and certified repair.
  • We will “blue print” the extent of the damage and minimize any surprises. Doing the research up front saves time and additional paperwork that can slow down the repair.

Check Out Some of Our Work

We’ve done a great job for so many customers. Take a look at a few of the pictures below to get a sense for the quality of work you can expect from Sports & Imports Collision.